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When ordering orchestral parts, please specify string strength required. Most sets are for chamber orchestra size string sections: an additional charge may be made for larger numbers.




Scoring is listed according to the following order: -


Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets, Bassoons, Horns, Trumpets, Trombones, Tuba, Timpani, Strings.


Hire Charges


One month hire (inclusive of performance fee) £65.00
Each additional month or part thereof  £65.00
Each additional performance (public or private) £65.00


Postage is charged in addition to the above, VAT is not charged


No part of this library is available for purchase. This material is copyright and may not be copied in any way. All marks must be made in soft pencil and removed before return. Prompt return in good condition is requested as part of the terms of hire


Please allow ten days from receipt of order for delivery. Parts will be sent via parcel post (printed paper rate outside UK) unless otherwise specified.


Works for Double Bass & Orchestra


Bottesini, G. (1821-1889)

Allegretto Capriccio   Ed. Slatford (YE 0045)

Strings only

Bolero   Ed. Slatford (YE 0037)  2.1.0   Timps. Strings

Concerto No. 2   Ed. Slatford (YE 0072)

Strings only     Orchestral Tuning

Élégie   Ed. Slatford (YE 0060)

Strings only

Elegia e Tarantella   Ed. Slatford (YE 0060)

1Picc. 1Fl.  2.3.Tba  Timp.  Strings

Nel Cor Piú non mi Sento Variations   Ed. Slatford (YE 0037)  2.3.0 Timp. Strings

Romanza Drammatica/Elegia Op.20   Ed Slatford (YE 0045) 2.3.0Tba 0Timp. Strings

Tarantella   Ed. Slatford (YE 0060)

1Picc. 1Fl.  2.3.Tba. Timp. Strings

Orchestral or Solo Tuning available, please specify which

String Quartet (D major)

Score and Parts

Derek Bourgeois (b.1934)

Romance for Double Bass and Chamber Orchestra 1980 (YE 0071)

2 Fl./Picc. 2Hn. Strings

Capuzzi, A. (1755-1818)

Concerto in D major   Ed. Buccarella (YE 0011)

2 Ob. 2 Hn. Strings, Continuo

Does not match Boosey and Hawkes edition (Ed Francis Baines)

Cimador, G. B. (1761-1805)

Concerto in G major   Ed. Slatford (YE 0003) (late 18th Century)

2Ob. 2Hn. Strings, Continuo

Dittersdorf, K. D. von (1739-1799)

Concerto No. 1 in D major   Ed. Slatford (YE 0059)

2Fl. 2Ob. 2Hn. Strings, Continuo

Concerto No. 2 in D major   Ed. Slatford (YE 0059)

2Fl. 2Hn. Strings, Continuo

Sinfonia Concertante for Viola, Double Bass and Orchestra   Ed. Slatford

(YE 0058) 2Ob. 2Hn. Strings, Continuo

Gordon Jacob (1895-1984)

A Little Concerto (1974) (YE 0032)

Strings, optional perc. 1 player, Glock, Trgl. Tambourine Xylo.

Keyper, F. (1756-1815)

Romance and Rondo   Ed. Slatford (YE 0030)

2Fl. 2Hn. Strings, Continuo

Kohaut, K. (1726-1784)

Concerto in D major   Ed. Young (YE 0094)

Strings only: Vln 1, Vln 2, Continuo

Peter Lamb (b.1925)

Concertante Music (1974) (YE 0034) Strings

Mozart, W. A. (1753-1791)

Concert Aria, K612 Per Questa Bella Mano   Ed. Malaric Strings

Parts in D major for use with solo or orchestral tuning

Alan Ridout (1934-1996)

Concerto (1974) (YE 0044)

Strings only

Vanhal, J. B. (1739-1813)

Concerto in E Ed. Malaric (Doblinger DM 556)

2 Ob. 2Hn. Strings Cont.



Multiple Double Bass Ensembles


Erich Hartmann (b.1920)

Oktett for double basses

Score and Parts

Emil Tabakov (b.1947)

Etude for 12 double basses

Score and Parts


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